Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

How to use Privileged Space methods in your classroom


Current research shows that there is no safe space in classrooms where learners can grapple with difficult knowledge. This poses problems for educators as they strive to provide effective learning spaces. This research seeks to address the emotional and psychic aspect of teaching and learning by exploring an alternative to ‘safe space’ through the development of a new kind of space in pedagogyprivileged space. This privileged space is a psychoanalytic paradigm in which difficult knowledge is exchanged and contained in a socially just pedagogy. Psychoanalytic phenomenology as a form of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTLimproves pedagogical praxis and aids in the construction of a richer and fuller understanding of teaching and learning. In the format of SoTL, which involves elements of discovery, application, and integration, this project asks: how can educators cultivate an environment in which learners can work through difficult knowledge and contain the emotional and psychic effects of education. This project aims to contribute to progressive pedagogical practice by utilizing the psychoanalytic concept of privileged spaceThrough viewing the classroom as a space where privilege bridges gaps, rather than as a structural establishment, we might move into new methods of pedagogy, particularly new approaches for conflict resolution and social justice endeavours. By using psychoanalytic methodologies the research will explore the human experience of education and develop new privileged spaces and pedagogies.


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